How To Clear Your Queue on Spotify

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If you not know How To Clear Your Queue on Spotify but do not know how to do it, I will help you. Please follow my suggestion and clear your Queue. Details here Play Spotify on Discord.

Clear Your Queue on Spotify

It is easy, not difficult. I will guide you through clearing any Queue on Spotify on different devices. Spotify is one of the most famous Apps in the world. Spotify provides many features to the users. I also provide these features to the users to clear their Queues on Spotify. If you don’t know how to clear your Queue on Spotify, then this article is for you.

For Android and IOS

  • Play Song on your devices, and now click on the Song “Playing tab” on your device for clear queue.
  • The playback screen is open; click on the “three dots”.
  • This takes you to the list of songs. Now, next step is you select the Song you want to remove from the Queue.
  • After selecting the Queue, a “remove Button” arrives, and you click on it. Your Queue is successfully removed in your device.

For Windows and MAC

Windows and MAC methods of removing the Queue now differ from Android and iOS methods. Now, you follow my guidelines for Windows and MAC.

  • Open Spotify on your device, if you not download Spotify then you Download it.
  • If your Spotify account is not logged in, you first log into the account and then play a song.
  • Now, you click on the three dots that suggest a queue and see the Playing option on your device screen.
  • In the menu “Next In Queue”, you see the clear button press this button. I deleted all the songs in the Queue. If you want to delete any song, select only it and clear it.

Your Queue has been deleted successfully in your Windows and MAC.


This article is about deleting any Spotify queue on your devices. I will explain all the methods and how to delete them on your devices. You follow these guidelines and remove the Queue in your devices. I hope this information help you in your problem  to remove any Queue in your devices.