Privacy Policy

Ever wondered how Spotify protects your personal details? Let’s dive into the simple privacy rules at Spotify so you’re in the loop.

Privacy Policy

Your Info, Your Say

At Spotify, they care about your stuff, like your name and playlists. You own your information, and Spotify promises to handle it carefully.

Personalized Music Magic

When Spotify asks for your location, it’s to make your music experience better. They use this info to suggest tunes and show local events – like having a helpful music buddy.

Cookie Clues

Spotify uses cookies to keep your app running smoothly. Cookies remember your music preferences. The privacy policy explains it all.

App Connections

When you link Spotify to other apps, info sharing happens. It’s like knowing who your friends are chatting with. This transparency helps you understand data exchange.

You’re in Charge

Adjust your settings and choose what to share on social media. Spotify wants you to control your info, making your music moments uniquely yours.


Understanding Spotify’s privacy rules is like knowing the basics. Taking a peek at how your info is handled ensures your music time is secure and fun. So, when you hit play on your favorite track, remember – Spotify is dedicated to keeping your info safe while you enjoy your music.