How To Make a Collaborative Playlist On Spotify

If you love music and are a Spotify music lover, you want to create a Playlist on Spotify. In these playlists, you can add your favorite music and podcasts. You can also share these playlists with your friends and your favorite people. if you not know How To Make a Collaborative Playlist On Spotify.

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In this article, I help you create playlists and guide you on adding or deleting any music and podcasts in your playlists. I will also help you how you can share your playlists with your friends. Details here to download the modded Spotify IOS .

Create playlists for Spotify

If you want to create playlists on Spotify, then just follow my guidance and create playlists on Spotify. You can freely create these playlists on Spotify.

  • First, Click here to download Spotify APK.
  • Then you install Spotify, open it
  • Now click on the “create playlists” option.
  • Click on the “new playlists option.
  • Now, you give your favorite name to your playlists.
  • You can add your favorite song to this playlist.
  • If you add it next to your favorite song, click the + Button

Edit Playlists to Spotify

If you are editing a playlist on Spotify, you must follow these steps and edit playlists on Spotify. Spotify also provides these features to help Spotify users edit playlists.

  • Open Spotify
  • Go to the” Your Library” button.
  • Now, you select the playlists you want to add.
  • Now, you add your favorite lists.

Delete any Song to playlists

If you want to remove any song in these playlists, then press on the three dots icon, select the song you want to delete, and after selecting, press the delete button. If you want to delete multiple songs, press the three dots icon, select various songs, and click on the delete button. Spotify provides this feature to allow users to delete any song from playlists.

Share Playlists on Spotify

Suppose you want to share playlists on Spotify with your friends and favorite people. You copy the playlist link, and then you share this link with your friends and favorite people. Many apps do not provide this feature to users, but Spotify does. Spotify is one of the famous apps because of its unique features.


In this article, I discuss how you can Create, share, and edit playlists. In this article, I also discuss how you can add and remove any song or podcasts from the playlists.