How to Connect and Use Spotify with Amazon Alexa

Spotify is one of the most famous APK in all over the world. Spotify is renowned for its beautiful features. Connecting Spotify with Alexa is very easy. If you not know How to Connect and Use Spotify with Amazon Alexa than i tell you The method of Connection is straightforward. If you want to download the Spotify for Android in our Website then Click here to download it.

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In this Article, I will help you connect to Spotify on Alexa. Alexa is an Amazon cloud voice service. It works according to the voice of Humans. With the help of Alexa, you can do the work of your daily life quickly with this device.

Supported Devices

To connect Spotify to Alexa you need the Supported Devices.

  • Amazon Echo.
  • Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Amazon Echo Spot.
  • Amazon Echo Show.
  • Amazon Tap.
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube

You can use any supported device from this to connect Spotify to Alexa. Without this above Supported device, you cannot connect Spotify to Alexa. Go here Stop stop Spotify opening on startup mac.

Connected Spotify to Alexa

The method of Connection is easy. You follow the simple connected step and connect Spotify to Alexa AI.

  • First, you download any one of the given above Supported devices.
  • Now, click on the “More Button”.
  • Now, go to the Setting.
  • Now select Music and Podcasts by Alexa preference.
  • The next step is to click “Link new services”. 
  • Now you choose Spotify by the given option and click “Done”.

Alexa is connected to Spotify. You always ask Alexa “On Spotify” at the end. For Example, “Alexa, You play the latest Podcasts on Spotify”.

Disconnect of Spotify to Alexa

You open the selected device. Click on the “More” button. Now click on the Settings tab of the selected device. Here, you click on the “Disable Skills Option” and then click on the” Confirm” Option


With the help of this Article, you can connect to Spotify and disconnect it from Amazon Music. This Article will give you full help. You use the anyone supported devices and connect Spotify to Alexa.