Difference Between Spotify And JIOSAAVN : Which One Is Best?

Music is the main part of our daily lives. When I feel bored, then we listen to music and remove our boredom through music. If you are searching for the best platform for music, then this article is especially for you. Click here to download the Spotify APK free to our Website.

In this article, I will discuss Difference between Spotify And JIOSAAVN, which one is best App that Is good for music. Both apps are best for their features. Both Platforms offer a vast music library, podcasts, and the best user experience. Go here if you want to Spotify VS RESSO. I tell you in details which Apps is best for the music lover.

Music Library

Spotify with 70 million songs, a vast collection library for the global audience. On the other hand JIOSAAVN with 50 million library. Spotify has a large library size from the JIOSAAVN. Spotify is appropriate for the global audience but JIOSAAVN focusing on the Indian audience and include a sizeable selection of Bollywood tunes, regional music and Indi-pop.


Spotify launched on 8 October 2008 and JIOSAAVN launched in 2007 as JIOSAAVN. Spotify is an international music platform that focuses on global music. On the other hand, JIOSAANV is concentrated in regional music.


JIOSAAVN search is buggy and sometimes does not register input events. Its speed and results could be better. On the other hand, Spotify search is faster and more relevant, offering everything you can find with one search/click. Spotify provides more features than JIOSAAVN and other apps.

Geographical Research

Spotify is available in 80 countries, but JIOSAAVN is focused on the Indian market it also reaches the few Countries.

User Interface And Experience

Spotify comes with a very UI and dark color. On opening this app you will find suggested music and tiles. On the other hand, JIOSAAVN comes with a light color UI with the white and green color scheme.


Spotify investing highly on podcasts and original content. JIOSAAVN offering podcasts but more focusing on the music. Spotify is also famous for its podcasts and music, but JIOSAAVN and other apps are not focused on podcasts. Spotify provides these features to the users.

FeaturesSpotify JIOSAAVN
Launched8 October 20082007
DeveloperDaniel EK And Martin LORENTZONRishi Malhotra
LyricsProvide Lyrics Many SongsProvide Lyrics Many Songs
Social SharingShare Music And Playlists On Social MediaShare Music And Playlists On Social Media
Offline ListeningAllow For The Premium UsersAllow For The Premium Users
Regional ContentAll Over The WorldIndia


In terms of International music Spotify is better than the JIOSAAVN. Spotify spread all over The World And Provide appropriate all Over the World users.

In terms of Price, Spotify is better than the JIOSAAVN. Spotify is cheaper than JIOSAAVN.

Both Spotify and JIOSAAVN use 144MB Per Hour.

Both the platform offering free Ads-Supported.

Spotify is available in all Over the World but JIOSAAVN is available in India or ew Countries.


This Article is On Spotify and JIOSAANV, which one is best. In this article, you will know about both apps and which one is better for the users. Both Spotify and JIOSAAVN are best, but I like Spotify more due to its wonderful features of the music library, Podcasts, and user interference.