How To Listen to Spotify with friends

Spotify is the most famous music platform in the world. It has millions of users every year. It has wonderful features to use to listen to music with your friends. But you do not know How To Listen to Spotify with friends.

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I will tell you in detail if you follow my instructions and listen to music with friends on Spotify. Click here to download the Spotify APK no ads for your devices.

Listen to Spotify with friends

Listening to music with friends is available in the premium version, and you can play it on your tablet or mobile device. This method is very easy; you follow the guidelines. Read here about Garth Brooks.

You can enjoy music with friends in two different group types on Spotify. One group session is enjoyed with a friend on Spotify, a remote group, and the other is a session with a Speaker. 

You do not need the same WIFI connection to access group security remotely. You need the same connection if you go to group sessions with the Speaker. Go here to read change payment method on Spotify.

For Remote session

  • First, you download Spotify on your devices by pressing the click here button link to create an account.
  • After this opens, Spotify plays any song, and any song now clicks “Speaker Icon.”
  • After this, you click on “start remote group session,” then invite a friend to add.
  • You can also share a link with the friend group link if you add a friend other than Spotify, then you click on the” Plus icon +.”

Group session for Speaker

  • Install the Spotify Create account on it, open it, and play a song, then click “playing view.”
  • Then click the “Current Device” and “Allow It.
  • Now, you can invite friends to add the group session for Speaker on Spotify. 
  • If you and your friend are not on the same wifi, the host shares a QR link with the other friend. Everyone joins the link and enjoys the group music.

End Session

You can do it if you want to end the session and do not know how to do it.

  • You can leave by clicking on the “ Speaker icon “and then selecting the other device to play; your session is over.
  • If the host ends the session, then all the sessions will end.


In this article, I discuss how you can add friends to a group session on Spotify, how to continue a session with two different methods, how to remove any participation, and how to end the session. I will provide all the information you need to listen to Spotify with your friends. By following this information, you can now listen to Spotify with a friend.