How To See Spotify Wrapped 2023

Spotify offers many features if you are a Spotify lover and need to know how to see and share the Spotify wrapped. Spotify wrapped is one of them. Don’t worry. In this article, I will tell you how to see Spotify wrapped and share it with your friend and favorite person. I will guide you through this. You must follow my guidelines.

See Spotify Wrapped

What is Spotify Wrapped?

First, I will tell you what Spotify wrapped means before discussing the details. Spotify Wrap means you saw many things on the Spotify app in the last year. In Spotify Wrap, you can see the history of the previous year. Details more to see Top Artists on Spotify.

Spotify wrapped will show you which songs, Podcasts, Artists, and genres you saw in the last year. I will give you the details of what you saw in the previous year. You can also share this Wrapped on the Social media platform.

For Android and IOS

Spotify is a world-famous app due to its unique features. See Wrapped on Spotify, which is one of them. You can see Spotify wrapped on your Android or iOS by following this step. Both Android and iOS use the same method to see Spotify wrapped.

  • Click Here to download the Spotify APK, then log in and open Spotify on your devices.
  • Now, go to the home button to see the whole history.
  • Now, you can share this wrapped history.

For Desktop

Spotify cannot be wrapped on the desktop, but it can be wrapped on mobile devices. To check, the wrapping is not available on desktops and PCs but only on mobile devices.

How can you Share wrapped?

Spotify also provides this feature to users. You can also share this Wrapped feature with users.

  • If You share the Spotify wrap with your friend on social media, select the card Option in your devices now go to the next step..
  • You want to share on Social media if you keep moving the card .
  • Press the middle of the card, and then the option comes “up with the Share this story” button. You press this button.
  • ¬†Your Spotify wrap is shared.


In this article, I explain in detail how you can see Spotify wrapped in your devices and share this wrap with your friends and on Social media Platform. This article is helpful for you to see Spotify wrapped and also share this wrapped. To do so, follow the steps.