Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing

Spotify is one of the worldwide famous musical and podcast apps in the world because of its features provided to users. If you are a Spotify lover, then you already enjoy its amazing features. If you are not a Spotify user, then click here to download Spotify APK for Android. If you are a Spotify user and your Spotify keeps pausing, you are facing this issue.

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In this article I tell you why My Spotify Keep Pausing and how you can fix it. Do not worry. In this article, I will talk to you in detail about it. I will share with you the problem and how you can solve your issue. I will tell you in detail step by step.

 Poor Internet connection

One of the reasons for pausing is your poor internet connection to your mobile and WIFI.

Check connection

First of all, you check the internet connection of your mobile phone or wifi. If your internet connection is weak, then you need to use a good connection.

Restart router

If you have some issue with your internet router, then you restart it and plug it in, and after a few seconds, plugin then you start your internet router and hope it will work perfectly.

Change network

If your internet is not working perfectly then you want to change your network with other WIFI networks and mobile networks.

Network congestion

If your device is connected to one internet and many other devices are also using this internet, it also causes a pause as you need to communicate with a smaller number of active devices.

Device and software Issues

If your device issues or any software issue, it also causes a pause. You need to resolve your devices and software issues.

Update Spotify

 Ensure your Spotify app is up to date because your current version is in bug issues, so you need to update your Spotify.

Clear cache

If your Spotify fills in the cache then you need to clear the cache of your device. To clear your cache, you need to go to the Spotify setting and here you click on the clear cache option.

Reinstall App

If your problem is not solved, then uninstall the Spotify app on your device and clear it here to reinstall the Spotify APK.


If you are facing the pause issue, then you need some setting or considerations to resolve your problem.

Sleep setting

Sometimes the sleep setting in your devices can cause Spotify to pause. You need to check it and also set settings to increase your device’s sleep time and turn off any saving features on your devices.

Disable battery optimization

On some devices, especially in Android, battery optimization is Enabled, which also causes Spotify to Pause. It would help if you turned off battery optimization.

Contact Spotify support

If your issue is not resolved, then you need to contact Spotify support to resolve your problem. Spotify Support guides you in resolving your issue.


In this article, I will tell you in detail if your Spotify Keep Pausing and how you can solve this issue on your devices. You need to focus on this article’s steps and resolve your problem easily by following the steps. If these steps do not resolve your issue, then you need to contact Spotify support.