How To Upload Music to Spotify

Spotify is a world-famous app. If you are a premium Spotify APK user and subscriber you want to upload your music or song to Spotify, you may need to learn how. Do not worry; I will help you upload music to Spotify. Spotify has 433 million monthly listeners and 11 million creators.

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I will help you to upload music on Spotify to your devices. Details here about the Spotify mod APK unlocked. Spotify provides many amazing features to users. How can upload music on Spotify is one of them.

How to upload music to Spotify

  • Open Spotify on your device, then go to the profile option, where you go to the “local files” and enable it.
  • Now you go to the library, where you find the local files, ones you do, Spotify will show you this message: your added files appear here. Here you wait a while.
  • All audio files in your devices will appear in the “Local files” folder.
  • You can also add your playlists on Spotify, click on three dots, add to playlists and read more in this article about it.
  • Go to the back library and click on the library. Here, you see your created playlists.
  • You can listen to your song on Spotify in high quality.

I explain in detail how to upload music on different devices. You can follow the same steps on iOS and Spotify PC and upload music on the Spotify platform. Spotify is famous for its amazing features given by the users. You can enjoy these amazing features and upload your music on Spotify.

How to upload music to Spotify as an Artist

To upload music as an artist takes work. You face some challenges in uploading music as an artist. Because it is for professional Artists, Spotify has not any restriction to new artists. It also gives you the opportunity to reach a wider audience. You can also generate income from this music on Spotify.

Choose a Distributor

You will need a music distributor, such as DistroKid, Tune Core, CD Baby, or many others. Then you need to go on a website and create an account on it.

Upload your music

On the Distributor platform, you need to upload music for Song titles, album artists, and album art. You also choose other platforms like Spotify to upload your music. This may include Spotify, among others.

Payment and Distributor

The distributor informs you about the fee you pay and how your music is distributed. You also receive royalties when people stream your music.


You can upload your music on Spotify as an artist. In this article, I explain how to upload music in detail. Follow these guides to upload your music on Spotify. You can upload your music on Spotify and earn money by uploading your music on Spotify.