Difference Between Spotify and SoundCloud : Which one is best?

If you are searching for a better platform between the Spotify Mod APK and SoundCloud, then you are in the right place. In this article, I shall explain the difference with reasonable proof, who is the best. Both platforms provide a plethora of songs, music. Click here to download the Spotify APK.

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Spotify provides unique features in comparison to SoundCloud. Many other features are following. Then you can choose your preference and some other features to increase your experience with the music. I will provide you with a complete explanation of the differences between the apps.

Difference Between SoundCloud And Spotify

SoundCloud is ideal for discovering undiscovered artists and unofficial remixes. On the other hand, Spotify offers a rounded listening experience with a great range of features and customization options, but SoundCloud has limited features. Both Apps are good, but I like Spotify more due to its unique features. Spotify is one of the world’s best music Apps for users. Read more if you to Difference Spotify VS Pandora.


Spotify can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and desktop. SoundCloud can be downloaded in iOS and Android apps. Spotify provides its users with downloads on every device, but SoundCloud needs to provide these features.


Spotify has a vast library of over 70 million tracks, covering a wide range of genres, artists, and podcasts. On the other hand, SoundCloud offers a unique platform. It is known for its extensive collection of user-generated content. Spotify provides its users with a vast library, but SoundCloud is small compared to Spotify.

Audio Quality

Spotify offers high-audio-quality streaming and allows users to choose the quality level. It offers 96Kbps to mobile devices and 320Kbps to desktop users. SoundCloud’s quality level depends on the upload, but it provides standard streaming quality. Spotify is better for its sound quality than SoundCloud.


Spotify is available worldwide, but SoundCloud is available in 190 Countries. Spotify’s availability is more significant than SoundCloud’s.

Offline Download

Both Spotify and Soundcloud allow users to download music Offline. But Soundcloud offers to download music offline through its website and premium plan; it does not offer free downloads to its users. On the other hand, Spotify’s free plan allows its users to download music offline. This is a fantastic feature of both Platforms. Both apps offer their users downloads offline.


Spotify is more popular than SoundCloud. Spotify has 400 million active users, but SoundCloud had 76 million active users in November 2021. Now, 176 monthly users of SoundCloud. Spotify has more active popularity as compared to SoundCloud.

Origin CountrySwedenGermany
DeveloperDaniel EK And LORENTZONAlexander LJUNG Eric WAHFFOR
Free Trial30 Days30 Days
Subscriber160 Million70 Million


If You Want to Know the Difference between Spotify And SoundCloud and which one is best, this article is for you. Both Apps are good, But I Like Spotify More Due to its vast library, Audio quality, And Popularity. Spotify provides many more features that are not in SoundCloud, but Spotify provides these features to its users. I like Spotify more as compared to SoundCloud.