Difference Between Spotify And Pandora : Which One Is Best?

If you are a music lover and you want the best music app and are searching for a platform for music on Spotify mod APK and Pandora, who is the best? Do you want to know who is best at both? If you are searching for this, then you have come to the right place. Click here to download the Spotify APK mod for the music.

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I will tell you Difference between Spotify and Pandora which one is best. Both platforms offer a plethora of songs, music, and features to the music streaming experience. This article aims to compare the Spotify mod app with Pandora. Details here if you want Difference Spotify VS GAANA. I tell you in detail who is best for music.


Pandora’s library size is 50 million songs but Spotify’s library size is 82 million songs. In Pandora user never picks a song but in Spotify user picks a song. Spotify has a vast library on the other hand Pandora focuses on personalized radio station.

Custom Playlist

No customer playlist in Pandora but customer playlist in Spotify. In Pandora user does not create the custom playlist but in Spotify, you create the custom playlist. Pandora free version offered limited the on-demand playback option. Spotify provides these features to users so that they can create custom playlists and share them with their friends.

Sound Quality

Spotify has better sound quality than Pandora. The maximum bitrate of Pandora is 192kbps. But Spotify offering up to 320kbps. Pandora’s sound quality is 192 kbps and Spotify’s sound quality is 320 kbps.


Spotify has three different algorithms to analyze your streaming habits. Pandora is radio base streaming, but Spotify is playlist oriented. In Pandora recommendation style radio but in Spotify traditional style radio.

Unlimited Skips

Pandora has limited skip but Spotify has unlimited skips. Pandora users not pick the song. On the other side, Spotify allows users to pick a song. The Pandora limit of the skipping songs at 6 time per hour on the other hand Spotify has not limit to skip the song. In Pandora user never picks a song but in Spotify user picks a song.

Offline Listening

Pandora offers to listen to song offline on mobile but Spotify offers to listen to song offline on both mobile and desktop. Pandora does not offer audiobooks, but Spotify offers audiobooks. You cannot download music on Pandora but you download music on Spotify if Spotify premium member.


Pandora is available in the united states, Australia, and New Zealand but Spotify availability is Dozens of Countries and Territories. Both Pandora and Spotify are the Web App and Mobile App.

Spotify Pandora
More Subscription PerksA Unique Approach To Music Discovery
Higher Audio Quality
Accurate Sound Recommendation
Great Content Discovery
Endless Streaming Within the Station
Smother, Faster Playback
Normal Playback
Library Size
Over 82 Million
Library Size
Over 50 Million
Ads Skips
Ads Skips
15 sec
Podcasts Audiobook
Music And Podcasts(Limited)
Limited Features


If You Want to Know the Difference between Spotify And Pandora, which One is good, then In this Article, You can completely understand. Both the apps Is Good, But I Like Spotify More Because of the large library of Spotify, better sound quality, Availability, and better algorithm.