Difference between Spotify And Apple Music : Which One Is Best?

If you are a music lover and want details on Spotify and Apple Music apps, which one is best? If you are searching for an article on the difference between Spotify and Apple Music, which one is best then this article is for you. You can read the complete difference in this article. Go here to download the Spotify no ads APK on your devices.

Spotify and APPLE Music banner

I will tell you both the app in the details. Both apps offer good user interference and increase monthly users day by day. Both apps have a large library of music. Now, you can completely know both the apps in this article. Read more Spotify VS JIOSAAVN.


Spotify is known for its algorithm playlists and collaborative playlists. Apple Music features curated playlists, live radio stations, and exclusive releases. More details of the differences in features are below.

Music Library

Spotify boasts a vast library with over 80 million songs, covering a wide range of genres and languages. Apple Music with a library of over 75 million songs, Apple Music offers a comprehensive collection, including exclusive releases.

User Interface

Spotify is famous for its clear and intuitive interface; Spotify offers an easy negative experience. The App is designed to showcase personalized playlists, recommended tracks, and user-created playlists. Apple Music boasts a sleek interface because it focuses on album artwork.

Sound Quality

One of the major differences between both is the sound quality of Spotify’s maximum sound quality from Apple Music. Spotify sound quality is 320kbps. Spotify has better sound quality compared to Apple Music and other music apps.


Both the apps Spotify and Apple Music are available for PC, MAC, IOS, Android, and Windows for the users.

Sharing And Social Stuff

On Spotify, you make playlists with your friends and follow artists you love. But Apple Music does not do as much of this social stuff. On the other hand, Apple Music is regional.

Offline Download

Apple Music allows the user to download offline music. On the other hand, Spotify is also offering the user to download the Offline download. These amazing features are for the users.

Best Streaming Experience

The streaming experience offered by Spotify is way better relative to Apple Music. For instance, on Spotify, you can use one device to control music playing on another device. Apple Music cannot do this even while streaming music using an iOS and a MacBook.

FeaturesSpotifyApple Music
Catalog Size80 Million Tracks70 Million Tracks
Podcasts SupportRoughly 3.6 MillionApple Spilt Podcasts Off
Number Of Subscribers226 Million Premium Subscribers88 Million in June 2022 Global Subscribers.
Additional Features
Spotify Kids Support For Family Plan
Spatial Audio
Ambient Sound
Curated Playlists
Discover Playlists
Collaborative Playlist
Offline Music 
Spatial Audio with Head Tracking
Curated Playlists
Discover Playlists
Live Radio Station
Offline Music


In this article, I explain in detail Spotify and Apple Music. Both are best, but personally, I like Spotify more due to its wonderful features of the music library, Sharing and social stuff, sound quality, and many more features that are not available in the other Apps.