Difference Between Spotify And GAANA: Which One Is Best?

Music is the main part of our life. The music feels the peace and fresh in our minds. If you are a music lover and searching for the best music from Spotify and GAANA, then in this article, I give you complete details of the difference between Spotify and GAANA which one is best. Click here to download the Spotify Premium for the Music.

Spotify and GANNA banner

Both of the platforms are fine and famous. Both platforms offer a vast library, curated playlists and recommendations, and the best sound quality. This article aims to give complete details about Spotify and GAANA which one is best music app by the users. Read more if you want to Spotify VS SoundCloud.

Music Library

The heart of any musical platform is a library. GAANA is a homegrown platform that excels in curating a diverse collection of regional and Bollywood music. On the hand, Spotify is vast in the library. It contains a million songs and podcasts. So Spotify is better work due to its features.

Curated Playlist And Recommendations

Spotify is an algorithmic offer that creates personalized playlists and recommendations to individual preferences. On the other hand, GAANA excels in this aspect, offering curated playlists and recommendations based on user behavior and preference.

Audio Quality

In terms of audio quality, Spotify’s range is 160kbps for free and 320kbps for premium. On the other hand, GAANA offers 128 kbps for free and 320kbps for premium. So Spotify has better audio quality as compared to GAANA. GAANA offers various streaming options and allows to adjust the music according to their preference and network conditions. Spotify has better sound quality than GAANA

Student Plan

Spotify offers a student plan, but GAANA does not. Spotify provides beautiful features to users. You can use the student plan in Spotify GAANA, but many other apps never offer these features to users.

Offline Download

GAANA offers the user to download the offline music. On the other hand, Spotify is also offering the user to download the offline download. These amazing features are for the users.

User Base

GAANA users are fewer than Spotify. Spotify users are 300 million, and GAANA users are 200 million. Spotify user base is more than the GAANA.

LibraryOver 70 Million SongsOver 45 Million Songs
Availability170 Plus CountriesOnly India
Supported Platform Android, IOS, WindowAndroid, IOS, Window
LanguageInternational LanguageRegional Language
No Of Tracks40 million30 million
Launch Date8 Oct 2008April 2010
Active User320 Million Users200 Million Users
Paying subscriber144 Million80 Million
User InterfaceModern And Easy To UseSimple And User-Friendly
Audio Quality320KbpsDepend On Subscription Plan
PriceRS 119 Per MonthRS 99 Per Month
Supported ServicesFree And PaidFree And Paid


This Article is about the Difference between Spotify And GAANA and which One is better. Both the Apps are fine, But Spotify is best as compared to GAANA Because of the large library of Spotify, better audio quality, and more user base.