Difference Between Spotify And YouTube Music : Which One Is Best?

Spotify and YouTube music are famous music apps all over the world By their characteristics. In this article, you can learn Difference between Spotify and YouTube music, which one is best both the Apps. If you want this, then you known about that is details. Read more about the Spotify APK.

Both Spotify and YouTube Music are famous for their amazing features. Both Spotify and YouTube music Offer a large library of music, curated personalized playlists, and the discovery of music. The sound quality of Spotify is better than that of YouTube music. Spotify is famous worldwide for its features. Spotify features more than YouTube Music. Go here Difference Spotify and Apple Music.

Sound Quality

Spotify offers better sound quality than YouTube music. YouTube Music’s maximum streaming quality is 128kbp. On the other side, Spotify’s streaming quality is 160kbp. Both YouTube Music and Spotify offer good lyrics, but Spotify’s design offers a better user experience.


Both of these streaming services are fine, but Spotify’s algorithms are more advanced than YouTube Music.

Popular Streaming

Spotify is considered the most popular music streaming service in the world. So, I like Spotify due to its popular streaming. Spotify and YouTube Music are popular for their popular Streaming.

Audio quality Setting

Spotify offers five audio quality settings, and YouTube Music offers four audio quality settings. Spotify loads quickly, but YouTube Music takes 2-3 seconds.

Non Musical Content

Spotify offers musical content, hosting over 375000 audiobooks and 5 million plus podcast titles. On the other hand, YouTube Music has a limited selection of podcasts. It is also not hosting non-musical content.


YouTube Music offers a vast library of official music, music videos, and other content. On the other hand, Spotify has a large library of songs and podcasts. Both Spotify and YouTube music have extensive music libraries, but the choice of preference depends upon personal preferences. YouTube Music does not offer a lot, but Spotify offers various features, podcasts, better audio quality, and a better premium plan.

Offline Listening

YouTube Music offers to listen to songs offline on mobile, but Spotify offers to listen to songs offline on both mobile and desktop. Both platforms offer listening to offline music with a premium subscription, but Spotify offers it without the need for a subscription.


There are over five million titles of podcasts on Spotify. But YouTube Music no offer podcasts, but Spotify offers podcasts.

Personalized Lists

YouTube Music offers a few personalized lists. On the other hand, Spotify offers more personalized lists.

SpotifyYouTube Music
Better Audio Quality Video Content And Live Stream
Better SubscriptionUnofficial Audio Tracks
Better Music AlgorithmDecent Music Algorithm
 Four Setting 
Low (24Kbps)
Normal (96Kbps)
High (160kbps)
One Setting
Normal (128Kbps)


If you are a music lover and you want to know Spotify and YouTube Music, who is best? Then this article is for you. Both the Apps are good, but I like Spotify more Due to its Algorithms, Popular Streaming, Audio quality, And other Features.